April 08, 2017

Cleverly Save Space with Kitchen Table with Leaf Insert

Expandable Table with leaf insert
Eating together in the kitchen with your family while happily laughing and chatting about life is one of the best things in the world. This is why no matter how big or small your dining room is, it should have a beautiful kitchen table. If your house is not blessed with a large dining room, you don’t have to worry because you can always get a kitchen table with leaf insert. If you want to know what table leaf is and whether it will be useful for you, let’s find about it below.
Leaf Insert table

Why Expandable Tables?

We all can agree that dining table is not always an ideal solution, especially in modern houses or apartments which rarely come with a general kitchen or dining room space. But dining table is an essential part of a home because nowadays meal times often become the only opportunity for the whole family to gather. So, it is important to choose a table that is suitable for the size of your dining room, and this is where the expandable table plays its role.
Just like what the name suggests, the expandable table is a type of table that can increase in size when the leaves are installed. It definitely will save you a lot of space, but it still offers flexibility at the same time. If you choose a leafless table, you will be stuck with the same table size. But when you get a kitchen table with leaf insert, you can expand the table only when you need it, for example when you host a family gathering. Such a nice way to save space, time and money, right?
drop leaf table for your dining table

Which Is Leaf Insert the Best?

So the truth is, there are several types of leaf insert. Each has their benefits, so the most effective way to choose which one is the best is by taking a look at what you really need and what your preferences are. Here are some of the most common table leaf insert types:

1. Drop-Leaf
This is the simplest type of all leaf insert. Table with drop-leaf insert comes with hinges on the edges that will let the leaf to fold and unfold. It presents in both rectangular and round table. However, when a round table comes with this type of leaf, the shape will change into oval or rectangular when the leaves are folded.

2.  Self-Storing Leaf
Just like drop-leaf, table with self-storing leaf (or also often called butterfly leaf) is very space efficient because the leaves are hidden in a compartment underneath the table. Most importantly, it doesn’t take a lot of energy to expand the table.

3. Removable Leaf
In this type of table, the leaves are completely removed from the table when they are not used. Removable leaf is usually stronger and more durable, but it also comes with a price. Lifting the leaves can be a hassle, you need a lot of energy to do that, and you need to dedicate a special spot to store them. However, you can easily add some extra leaves if you want, making this type of leaf insert perfect for larger gathering.