April 27, 2017

Design Your Dining Table with Two Tones Color

 best two tone kitchen to enhance your mood
photo by bettalivinguk

The dining room, whether you choose the set apart or pass through area design which open to the kitchen or family room, also need the color scheme which able to boost a mood, helping to define your space, building style and contempt your color. You may ever hear about the two-tone colors, and this can be your reference. You can choose two tone kitchen table that gives you something new and fresh in your space.

When you need to choose the color for your kitchen table or dining table, you look into cherish collection, color space, the pattern, your styles and inspiration for color combination. You also need to consider the time you will use this space and nuance of the kitchen that you want to get. Considering the size and whether you need to use the color to give bigger visual look or comfort space. Whether you will go with dark or brighter color, the most important, you need to choose the harmonize pallet which will well blend with your element such as the tiles in your kitchen, the backsplashes, built-in cabinets, etc.

Several tips to pick up the best color for your table:

1. Choose the color which set your mood.

If you want to stay pure and to choose a color which fit with the walls with a dark tone, such as navy, brown, cinnamon or persimmon, you can choose the shiny with or cream woody color. These colors will go well with the darker tone. If you tend to get the calming nuance, you ca get the beige color or blue sky color with the green accent. This can get the warm shade and brighter your space as well, the other options, you can play with contrast color, such as: black with pink, white with orange that will make more dynamic and bold. Considering how you use then to make a different style. After you decide the color which suits your mood, 

2. Enhancing your color scheme.

Your color can show your favorite style and help you to enhance your color scheme which will reliable for your table kitchen. If you want to get a luxury touch, you can use the different colors from mid-tone blue then combine with the charcoal gray for fabrics. If you want to get something globally, you can choose the herb color, such as cinnamon orange, yellow saffron, choco brown or paprika red that will make your space more spirit.
Cool Two tone dining table

Several ideas for two tone kitchen table:

1. Warm accent

You can get two tones of your table with a combination between turquoise color and darker color to give the accent warm and very well match wit neutral wall colors.

2. Hardwood color  

If you have a big table and small seating place, you need to take more space; you can try the bench on one side and ensure that the seat under the table so you can push off when you do not need it. You can choose a hardwood color with the beige color.