April 27, 2017

How to Replace a Mobile Home Kitchen Faucet

How to replace Mobile Kitchen faucet

If your mobile home kitchen faucets leak or drip, chances are it is about time you must get a replacement. Seems simple, but this is exactly what the problem is. For the longest time, since the beginning of your mobile home ownership, you are well aware that a mobile home is nowhere near a stick built a home in all aspect, but you have never imagined that this day would come.
A mobile home is unlike its stick built counterpart, and this can loosely be translated to how different they are when compared to each other. The fact that mobile homes do not share similar plumbing system, nor do they use the same plumbing fixtures to that of stick built homes are cited to be their two major differences. Many people believe it is almost impossible to replace kitchen faucet in a mobile home on their own and one must be prepared to break the bank because they must leave it to the professionals. The logic behind this is simple when you are replacing it on your own, you are most likely going to use a faucet bought at one of those home improvement warehouses – and why would you do that when you are aware they do not use the same plumbing fixtures? However, this is far from the truth. While it’s true that mobile home faucet is different, doing it yourself to save money is not impossible. As long as you have what you need and you know how to do it properly, you are ready to go. Here, we are going to tell you how to replace a mobile home faucet – whether it be your kitchen faucet or bathtub faucet.

Before you jump into the process of replacing, you must first check the plumbing – you need to know what are working with, whether the pipes are polybutylene or PEX, and whether they are flexible enough for you to adjust should an adjustment be made to the water line section. The next step is to shut off your water supply properly. If your fixture has a shut-off valve installed, you may skip this part. However, if you have never installed such valve, you must shut the water supply to your entire mobile home off at once. This can easily be done by locating the shut-off, which is commonly placed underneath your mobile home or next to the water heater and depressurizes your water lines.
When you’re ready, using a putty, push faucet plate into its position by tightening its nuts while keeping the plate flat. Once you have tightened the nuts, you may start connecting your water lines to your new faucet replacement. Check if a few adjustments should be made – if you should, push fitting using copper pipes, CPVC or even PEX. If no adjustment should be made, you may skip this process and tighten your water lines. When your mobile home kitchen faucets have been installed, turn on your water and let it run for a moment to ensure there is no leaking.