April 08, 2017

Benefits of Using Kitchen Sink Mats with Drain Hole

the benefit of kitchen sink mat
Kitchen sink mats with drain hole are one of the most important things you need to have in your kitchen. The thing is, washing the pots and the china, and then cleaning the basin itself to get rid of the tea or spaghetti sauce stain can be even more complicated than the cooking activity itself. This is why you should save yourself from all the hassles washing dishes can bring by simply putting a sink mat on the kitchen sink. Here are some reasons why you should do that.

The Benefits

1. It Prevents Dishes from Chipping or Breaking
Washing dishes involves lots of water and slippery soaps. When you are rushing or simply being a little bit careless, the plates can slip off of your hand, and well, the rest is history. By putting a nice rubber mat on the kitchen sink, it will prevent your favorite porcelain plate from chipping or breaking the hard sink surface in case your hands fail you.

2. It Protects Your Sink
A simple kitchen mat will not only protect the dishes, but also the sink itself. You know that kitchen sink doesn’t come cheap and it is just really annoying when it stains or when the kitchen utensils scratch it. It will be very beneficial if you want to put a hot pot on the sink. The mat will prevent direct contact between the sink and the heat from the top which in the result, will protect the sink surface.

3. Easily Conforms to Sink Bottom
Besides rubber sink mat, you actually can also choose to use stainless steel rack, which has the same purpose and function with the mat. However, stainless steel rack is not flexible, which means you probably need to but a frame from the same brand with your kitchen sink. Rubber sink mat is different. It is flexible and easily conforms to sink bottom, but it is also heavy enough to prevent the mat from floating.

4. Prevents Your Precious Jewelry from falling the Drain
There are many cases around the world where people ended up freaking out because their expensive wedding ring went down the drain when they are washing dishes. Well, you say goodbye to that constant fear if you protect your kitchen sink with a mat. The mat will cover the hole drain so only water and food remainders can fall down the drain.
Kitchen sink mat

But Pay Attention to These Things

Kitchen sink mats with drain hole are not created the same. Some products are more superior than the others. Make sure the sink mat of your choice is made of a PVC-free material, and it has antimicrobial protection system. PVC material is not something you want to have in a place where you prepare the food. Meanwhile, antimicrobial protection will prevent possible germs from moving to your kitchen utensils.
Furthermore, mind the colors. Sink mats with brighter colors tend to stain easily, and it is just not pretty to look at. Unless you are sure that the brand you choose is not easily stained, it is best to stick with dark colors.