April 27, 2017

A Good Kitchen Sink Base Cabinet for Your Daily Needs

A good Kitchen 60 inch Sink Cabinet
There are a lot of variation when talking about the base cabinet, especially 60-inch sink base cabinet. A lot of people confused to choose what kind of base cabinet they should use for their kitchen sink. Here I will give you what to consider when you want to buy a 60-inch sink base cabinet.

Material and Color

Different materials mean different color for your base cabinet. Usually, the most common used material for the base cabinet is wood and there a lot of timber types utilized in the base cabinet. Red Oak is one of them, and it is standard base cabinet material because of its durability and price. This material also has a lot of finish variation. There is also another element named white oak which is more durable compared to red oak. But this type of material usually used for a custom cabinet because it is easy to be quarter sawn. Hard maple is another material that could be used as a base cabinet. It has less density and a little bit more expensive compared to oak. It is usually used as a semi-custom and custom cabinets. The finish and variation used with hard maple are clear and natural looks. Hickory is similar with oak but often colored into natural and clear looks. Cherry wood is another material used in the base cabinet. It has elegant and formal looks, and its color will darken over time. Pine is the most common softwood used as base cabinet material. It usually has knots as its accent to make it looks traditional and humble.
A good Kitchen Sink Cabinet

Space in your kitchen

Space in your kitchen is the important thing to install your 60-inch sink base cabinet. Good choice of furniture will play a part in playing with kitchen space. Consider how many faucets you will install on your cabinet too. Models of cabinet should be put into consideration since there are a couple of cabinet models such as corner cabinet and straight cabinet. The distance between you works centers like stove, sinks, and table should be in a proper distance to ensure your freedom of movement. You don’t want to have a kitchen with cramped space and messy furniture, right? Then furniture with big size should not disturb your “working area”, for example around the stoves or kitchen sinks. If you want to make a countertop, make sure to make it synchronized with your base cabinet since countertops is an important thing in your kitchen. If you have a small space, consider placing a couple of small appliances above the large appliance. For example, you put your microwave and blender above a dishwashing machine or an oven. This will save you a lot of space if you have a small space in your kitchen. When you have a spacious kitchen, you will have more freedom in choosing which furniture you would use, especially the big 60-inch sink base cabinet, as long as the furniture is under one theme. A good kitchen will bring happiness to the owner and everyone who use it.