April 27, 2017

Kitchen Aid Pasta Maker: The Pasta Maker You Will Ever Need

Cool KitchenAid Three-pieces Pasta Maker

Have you ever thought of creating your own pasta? I once had a thought of making one. Back then, I was walking through the pasta aisle in a supermarket that must not be named, and I saw lots of instant kinds of pasta being sold in the place. I grabbed one and thought that perhaps I could make one like this. They always say homemade cooking were always better than the instant ones, so I said to myself: I want to make my own pasta.
Sadly, I do not have my pasta maker, and weaving pasta by hand is a tedious effort, so I searched for a pasta-making machine on the internet. The result? I found a particular brand that is fascinating: Kitchen Aid Pasta Maker.
Perhaps you ask: “Why not buy any ordinary pasta maker or weave the pasta by hand? Using hands to cut and twist the pasta is much more authentic and will certainly beat a pasta making a machine in the flavor department.” You might be right. Perhaps manual pasta cutting will give you that particular taste and shape that will certainly be different (whether in a good way or a bad way) than by using the pasta machine. The big BUT in here is the fact that not all people are talented in cutting and weaving pasta with their hands. I tried it once, and I ended up creating spaghetti that does not look like spaghetti at all. That kind of thing put injuries in the self-esteem, you know?
With Kitchen Aid pasta maker though, everything changed. After I bought myself one, I always created the best looking and the best tasting pasta I have ever seen and tasted. The one product I am talking about at the moment is, of course, the three-piece pasta roller and cutter set brought to you by Kitchen Aid.
You heard it right: Kitchen Aid three-piece pasta roller and cutter set. The name might be a handful, but it clearly shows what this machine has to offer. This particular machine I am talking about can do three major things in pasta making (and you can do it all with only one machine. Handy right? :). Those three are:
KitchenAid Three-pieces Pasta Maker

Pasta Roller

Kiss your old, wooden rolling pin a warm goodbye and say hello to a more modernized pasta roller in Kitchen Aid three-piece pasta roller and cutter set. No longer you need to manually roll your raw pasta with that wooden rolling pin that is, of course, out of date. Now, with the pasta roller in Kitchen Aid three-piece pasta roller and cutter set, you just have to push a button, and the machine will do all of it for you.
The roller also comes with a thickness setting, so you no longer need to measure the thickness of the pasta by yourself (measuring the thickness of pasta manually is tedious and is utterly barbaric).

Spaghetti and Fettuccine Cutter

Now, this is where things get interesting.
The cutters come in two types: spaghetti and fettuccine. For lovers of either spaghetti or fettuccine, this machine is a must buy. The machine will cut your spaghetti and fettuccine with precision and will leave you with spaghetti and a fettuccine that is perfectly cut.