March 22, 2017

How to Restain Kitchen Cabinet

How to Restain All Kitchen Cabinet

The kitchen is an area in a home that has high traffic after living room and bathroom. We have activity in this area much more when prepare meals and kitchen cabinet is the most area that mostly becomes a focal point for kitchen look.  When your kitchen cabinet gets dull, do not throw it immediately or replace with the new one. Think about doing re-staining can offer you make over that simple and budget efficient to do by yourself.  

econd step to restain kitchen cainet

The Guide:

Here is a complete guide on how to restain kitchen cabinet for a new look.
The first step that you need to do when restaining kitchen cabinet is removing cabinet doors and cabinet from the wall.  Before removing it, ensure that all doors and cabinet you lift has been added to the label, so you will find easier to re-install it after restain in correct place and order. After that, unscrew the entire hardware include all knobs, pulls, and hinges and then keep it in bag or container to prevent you lost it. Next is stripping old finish of doors and cabinet. Using the paintbrush, apply stripper gel to the cabinet or door set and then use more when the gel is drying out. Let it until the surface gets bubbled and soften and then scrape the surface using the scraper as a direction of the grain.  Do not forget to wear gloves for protecting your hand and also ensure that you work in a room with well ventilation area. Scrape old varnish and keep in the container. Scrub the spot that stubborn using steel wool. Wipe the stripped surface down with the rag and dip into the mineral spirit to remove any residue from the stripper and then wipe again to clean everything use the tack rag.
After doors and kitchen cabinet is dry, and then start to paint new finishing in long and smooth strokes. Repeat the second application to coat after six hours or at the paint is drying.  Next, apply protective polyurethane varnish into the cabinet. Use at least two coats application for the best result.  Give spare time at least 24 hours to dry before you apply the next layer. After that, let all surfaces to dry in 24 hours before you re-install all hardware. If you are DIY project beginner, doing this on your own can be a good project to improve your skill. Read further below to look at guide and tips to make sure you work well in right direction.  

The re-stain is the best way for the solution when your cabinet gets discolored or scratched. This will also work well for oak cabinets that have beautiful nature color as it has a definite pattern of grain and open pores that will absorb any stain well.  Before you stain the kitchen cabinet, it is best to choose whether you want to have slightly darker or match the existing color.  When you remove the hinge, start with the bottom of a hook so that it will eliminate safely without damage the door or hinge.  Protect your floors, countertops, and appliances use plastic sheeting as painter tapes. It is important for you to ensure you work in well safety requirement.